Hi. I’m Paty. Retired public school librarian, mother of two grown children, and grandmother to four thriving young adults, all of which share my table on special occasions and enjoy making fresh pasta, tortillas, pastries, for any number of celebrations and holidays.

Making Corn Tortillas

My kitchen is the center of laughter and love and learning -about food and cultures from around the world. I’ve created this blog to pass that knowledge on to you and bring a celebration to your family, one story, one ingredient, one melody at a time.

Life can become a bit of a routine, and we all live in our own regional bubbles. So, now more than ever, it’s important to experience how Holidays Connect us to each other and turn our lives into celebrations, every day, every week, every month, you pick.

Dancing the “Tiniklin Dance” from the Philippines

I have traveled all over the world, fueled by my love of history, food, music, dancing, and family. And, as a young mother, I realized early on that not everyone has that same opportunity. I traveled with my children – primarily throughout Mexico – but I wanted them to experience some of the cultures, history, and food from places I had enjoyed in my vast travels.

Making Fresh Pizza Dough

Reliving those moments with my children turned out to be a way to show them the world we live in and the importance of understanding people from other cultures, other religions too.
One celebration at a time became embedded into our family traditions. Little did I know my extended family and friends would enjoy them too.

Making Fresh Corn Dough Quesadillas

Fast forward about 40 years, and now I have continued adding new recipes and shortcuts to our collection of celebrations for my grandchildren,  trying to make it easier for them to celebrate while they are away. Hoping to add a smile to their faces and soothe their soul.

This journal is not an encyclopedia, my goal is that you will take one, yes, one story, one, ingredient, one melody, one activity. like taking one sip at a time. I want to share with you what worked for me and what brought joy to my family. I want to help you with shortcuts, and simple recipes you can try without feeling overwhelmed. That’s all.

I find religious holidays feature the most delicious food, and understanding the beliefs of different cultures is important. However,  any holiday that helps you appreciate other cultures around the world is a Fiesta in the Making!

But, the most important thing is that by adding a little bit of this and a little bit of that; they will be creating a memory that will last a lifetime!

My husband made this wooden tortilla maker, however, you can easily buy one here. It is very useful!

Making Corn Tortillas

Come join me in this journal. I’ll give you a reason to celebrate!