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Hanukkah Traditions

Hanukkah is a minor holiday in the Jewish Calendar, yet since the 1970s has become a very public important holiday. Jewish people work, as usual, schools stay open, and there is an exchange of gifts, singing songs from the psalms, playing with the dreidel, and lighting the candles using the...

Halloween and Day of the Dead Activities

Day of the Dead Activities I have a confession to make, I never celebrated Halloween as a scary holiday, instead I tried to make it a time for honoring our ancestors, by talking about them, their stories, and how they influenced us to be a good, loving, and productive people....

Latin American Activities

The “Manila Galleons” brought to Latin America silk, for “Rebosos,” tissue paper, sequence, The Islamic technique of the ceramic art of Majolica for “Talavera”, glass, and the Converso Jewish technique of “Repujado” [Tin embossing]and metalsmith, music, and dance, among others.