February Tips and Reflections

Today, when we talked about regional cuisines, we are talking about thousand year old techniques and 500 year old ingredients that go back to the “Colombian Exchange” in the 1500s. That exchange made it possible to enjoy a Russian potato soup, Hungarian Paprikash, Italian Bolognese Sauce over spaghetti, French Vanilla, Dutch Cocoa, etc.

We can improve our health by using Chinese Cooking Techniques and give our leftover food a Yin-Yan touch of health in every meal.

The right tools. a Wok is a must, it must withstands a very hot fire, and be light so you can move it back and forth.

The right ingredients. Every vegetable you have at hand, meats should be half the quantity of the vegetables, and rice, or noodles, to make the perfect yin-yan meal you need to remember:

The right Technique: Frying [Stir, shallow, deep], Steam, Roast over charcoals, Braise, Boil.

The right flavors: sour, bitter, sweet, pungent, and salty, each one affects  a particular organ of the human body,  that must be balanced in order to be healthy, too much or too little of either one taste can negatively affect in the metabolism of a person.

The right temperature: Cold, Cool, Neutral, Warm, Hot.

Cookbooks to help you use your leftovers with a yin-yang touch.

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