Hindu and Greek Mythology for Beginners. 2023.

We tend to stay away from people or things we don’t know or understand. I think is a safety valve we all have.  Here are some discoveries I made that you will find surprising,
I am sure.

One of the best pieces of information I got about this was in “The Better India” blog. I also found there, other interesting things I was not looking for. So, here are some examples on:
How the Hindu and the Greek Mythology are similar.

Krishna & Achilles

Krishna and Achilles were both killed by arrows piercing their heel — the only vulnerable part of their body. [The Better India]

Indra & Zeus

Both Indra and Zeus are the “kings” of the gods. In addition, their weapons are thunderbolts (in Indra’s case, called the Vajra). Both of them slay a sea-monster: Indra’s opponent is the serpent Vritra; Zeus fights and vanquishes Typhon. [The Better India]

Mount Kailasha and Mount Olympus

Kailasha and Olympus are both real mountains that exist today; both are also deeply significant in their respective mythologies. Kailasha, the home of Shiva, is described as one of the pillars of the world. Similarly, Olympus is the setting of many Greek myths, and the home of the twelve Olympian gods. [The Better India]

Sita and Persephone

Both Sita and Persephone were abducted against their will — Sita by Ravana and Persephone by Hades. The myths also tell of both of them disappearing under the earth, albeit under similar circumstances. [The Better India]

Yama and Hades

Yama and Hades. Both lords of death, they preside over the netherworld. They also share other characteristics — both decide the fates of the souls that pass into their realm, and both are deeply concerned with justice. [The Better India]

Kamadeva and Cupid

The gods of love and desire, both Kamadeva (also known as Manmatha) and Cupid shoot arrows into the hearts of unsuspecting people to make them fall in love. [The Better India]

The hounds of hell, Sharvara was Yama’s dog, and in Greek mythology, Cerberus is depicted accompanying Hades. They guard the gates of their respective netherworlds. [The Better India]

So, what do you think? I was surprised too, only because I did not know anything about Hindu Mythology.

 I also found similarities with the Meso-American cultures of Mexico, for example:
Mictlantecuhtli was the ruler of Mictlán, the underworld, and all souls would one day meet him face to face. He had a dog, Xoloescuintle , it would accompany the deceased crossing a river in the infraworld. [Acuario Michin]

I hope that you discover more similarities between the Hindu and Greek Myths.

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