Jewish and Latin American Music

The Jewish musical traditions of the Hebrew psalms of David became part of the Western Christian Gospel music known as Gregorian Chants. Therefore, it is most appropriate to explore it when we are learning about Jewish holiday traditions and Latin American History, because they go very well together.

I invite you to listen to the samples below. Enjoy!

Jewish  Psalms Music

Jewish musical traditions have been recorded since The Hebrew psalms, of King David,  known as The baqashot (or bakashot, Hebrew: שירת הבקשות‎). They are a collection of ” supplications, songs, and prayers” that were sung by Sephardic Jews in Spain. These songs became part of the Christian Church known as Gospel music and/or Gregorian chants.

Latin American Music Traditions.
Many Converso -Jews came to Latin America because of their skills as musicians, and their knowledge of Psalm chants.  They had an important role in helping Christian missionaries in propagating the Christian faith through Gospel music, by adapting, instruments and rhythms of the region such as :


Latin American Christian Gregorian Chants.

In this Christian Gregorian Chants
“Misa Criolla” listen to the instruments of the “New World” in a perfectly melodious arrangement  by Converso-Jews.

Coro Hispano de SanFrancisco & Conjunto Nuevo Mundo.
Juan Pedro Gaffney R. director
IPMC is dedicated to a single but multi-faceted ideal: researching, promoting and performing the music repertories of the Spanish-speaking world, making this music accessible to all.

To realize this mission, IPMC sponsors four programs: two performing arts ensembles and two repertory research programs.]


Latin American Popular Music

These Gospel melodies were widely imitated by the troubadours in Spain, and later in Latin America. The religious lyrics were substituted for more popular songs of love, and more lively music for the Tertulias [Fiestas] Introduction by Juan Pedro Gaffin.

Coro Hispano de SanFrancisco & Conjunto Nuevo Mundo.
Juan Pedro Gaffney R. director


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