Mexico’s traditional cuisine is the first ethnic cuisine in the world to be recognized by UNESCO on its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

“Customs of Mexico embody a complex cultural system of agricultural practices, traditions, and symbolism imbued with religious meaning and steeped in ritual.” Corn, a Mexican native, and diet staple is inexorably linked to Mesoamerica’s creation myths as well as the harmonious management of the environment and ancient social expressions via festivals, the planting, and harvesting of crops, funerary and other indigenous customs that provide for nutritional balance and a wonderful variety of profoundly original traditional dishes which have been lovingly preserved over the centuries.”

This cuisine is fun to make with family and friends, particularly if you make handmade tortillas. This is a meal you can make in a flash using pre-packaged products from la Milpa. Calabacitas a la Mexicana.
You will need:

In a saucepan heat 2 TB oil, add 1 C of drained, diced tomatoes, 1 C squash, 1 C of Corn, let it simmer until it is almost dried, salt/pepper, and add 1/2 C drained diced chills. Serve with hot black beans on the side and warmed corn tortillas. [Substitute squash for fresh zuchini]

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