Now rúz – Persian New Year Activities 2024

Activities that children can do to celebrate Naw rúz

According to Laura from “Family Spice“, Naw rúz offers fun, easy, Naw rúz recipes, and activities ideal for parents, teachers, to know more about the origins of Nowrúz and to get everyone involved:

Iranians sing the poetic line “my yellow is yours, your red is mine”, which means “my weakness to you and your strength to me” (Persian: سرخی تو از من، زردی من از تو, romanizedsorkhi-ye to az man, zardi-ye man az to) to the fire during the festival, asking the fire to take away ill-health and problems and replace them with warmth, health, and energy. Trail mix and berries are also served during the celebration. []

These are some activities that children can do to celebrate Naw rúz.

• baking Haji Firuz cookiesgerminating seeds in eggshellscoloring eggs • making a Now rúz garland • jumping over fires • setting the Haft-sinn (seven-s) holiday tableplanting narcissus and hyacinth bulbs • selecting and buying goldfish • banging spoons for trick-or-treating • cooking the Naw rúz dinner • enjoying the Outdoor Thirteen picnic.


Crafts you might want to make or gift.

Books you might want to read or gift.

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