The Wampanoag Native Americans Beliefs

Kiehtan¬† This means “Great Spirit” or the Creator (God.) Kehtannit is a divine spirit with no human or gender form or attributes and is never personified in Wampanoag folklore.

Nikommo  Benevolent little people of the forest, in whose honor the Nikommo feasts are held.

Pukwudgie Magical little people, capricious and dangerous goblins, harassing humans with either harmless pranks or serious assaults (particularly kidnapping and sabotage.)

Hobomock The manito (spirit) of death. A destructive, often evil being usually in opposition to Kautantowit. After the introduction of Christianity, people frequently identified Hobbomock with the Devil.

Questions you might have.
Q: What does
The Wampanoag Native Americans  have in comon with the Celts?
A: The Celts and the Wampanoag lived in forest areas.

Q: What were The Wampanoag and the Celts afraid of:
A: The Celts were afraid
of the fairies, and Sidhs who live in the forest and would kidnap them during Samhain/All Hallow’s Eve. The Wampanoag were afraid of the Pukwudgie goblins who lived in the forest and that liked to kidnap people.

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