What do you need to host a Posada? [2022]

One of the things I miss most from my childhood was “Las Posadas”. When I was young I waited for a whole year to break a piñata during “Las Posadas,” because that was the only time you could break a piñata then.  I loved going to the Convents to watch the “Pastorela” [Christmas Play] then singing “Villancicos”, breaking the piñata, and eating the most delicious food made by the nuns themselves. All of this in the most beautiful environment. Sometimes the “Villancicos” took place at the Chapel and they were Angelical.

When my children were toddlers, we always had a “Christmas Party” a.k.a. “Posada” for my family and friends. We would sing Christmas Carols around the block sometimes there was someone who could play an instrument, or I would make some noise with the tambourine. I pair them in twos, one to hold the book with songs, the other the candle. And at the end, my husband would set up the “Piñata”, and we would have snacks, and sweets for everybody, children and adults.

Later on, I used to host a “Posada” at school, I asked that children must be accompanied by an adult and I switched from regular to “battery operated” candles to avoid accidents, there was no “Piñata” there, and children would bring a dozen cookies to share, and even without the Piñata, in the end, everyone was overjoyed and in seventh heaven.


How to host a Posada?

    • Invite friends to come to your Posada. It will be great if some of your friends play an instrument, the guitar, a tambourine, or maracas.
    • Villancicos [Christmas Carols] make copies for everyone.
    • Battery operated” candles Do NOT use regular candles
    • Song Leader.” In Mexico, many traditional Posadas begin with the prayer but I prefer to make it secular and welcome everybody.
    • Door Bell Ringer” to ring the bell of the houses on your path.
    • The hosts are the innkeepers and sing from inside and the other carolers sing from outside the house.  The outside group begins to sing asking for shelter,  the inside group responds but does not open the door, until the last verse, then the Pilgrims are invited to enter.
    • Piñata – The Meaning of the Piñata: The seven cones represent the 7 venial sins.The blindfold represents faith.The stick you hit him with represents virtue.Hitting the piñata represents mortification for the sin committed.The sweets inside it represent the glory of God falling on us. For us it is just fun. [Set up safety tips before you start hitting the piñata]
    • Piñata Fillings: Fruits like: oranges, sweet limes, guavas,unpeeled roasted peanuts.
    • Food – Tamales, empanadas, or any finger food, cookies, buñuelos, finger foods.
    • Drink – Hot Chocolate, Atole, Punch. Jamaica water.
    • Gift Bags
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