Diwali also known as the Hindu Festival of Lights on Nov. 12th, 2023.

Diwali also known as “The Festival of Lights”is the celebration of the victory of Rama [good] over Ravana [evil], and Rama’s love for Sita.

This is one of my favorite festivals of Autumn. It is about the victory of good over evil, love, good luck, oil lamps, sweets, great food, gifts, new clothes, and Ghenda – गेंदा flowers a.k.a. “Cempasuchitl”  flowers. What is not to like about that? It is described in the Hindu Mythology of The Ra mayana, the Sanskrit epic poem  I love the way Govinder Ram tells the story in his book Rama and Sita:

Rama and Sita are actually gods.

Long time ago in India, lived a king called Dassaratha. He had two sons prince Rama, and Lakshman, when he remarried he had another son prince Bharat. Bharat’s mother had the king vanish Rama and Sita so her son could become king.

Rama’s other brother Lakshman went along with him and Sita and on their journey they met an old Wiseman who gave them some magic arrows to protect themselves from evil spirits.

One day, Sita saw a beautiful faun and asked Rama to catch it for her. Rama tried to catch it but, instead he found himself lost in the woods.

Lakshman, went looking for Rama and set a circle around Sita. He told Sita that as long as she stayed within the circle, nothing bad could happen to her.

When Lakshman was gone, an ugly old man appeared and ask Sita to help him, she thought it would be safe to help an old man, and stepped out of the circle, and suddenly, the ugly old man changed into the king of the evil demons known as Ravana. He kidnapped Sita and took her to the demon’s island of Lanka.

Hanuman the king of the monkeys found Rama and Lakshman and told them he had seen the chariot of Ravana flying to the island of Lanka, and he promised  Rama to help them find Sita.

Hanuman’s army built a bridge with tree trunks and when they reached the island Ravana’s army of demons came to stop them, they fought for a long time until Rama took one of the arrows that the wise old man gave him in the forest, and struck Ravana in the heart. Ravana was dead, and everyone cheered.

When Rama and Sita return to his father’s palace they saw people had lit lots of lamps to welcome them, and they lived happy ever after, and brought enlightment and prosperity!

The legend says that Ravana could not be killed by any god, only by a human. So, the god Vishnu and Lakshmi Goddess of wealth and prosperity also his wife decided to be born as humans to get rid of the demons, and so they were born as Rama and Sita.

Books you will surely like about Rama and Sita. [One Video]

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