A “Day of the Dead Altar” from my family to yours! 2023.

This is a video we made together last year. This year we’re a little behind thanks to the flu, but I will be making something special tomorrow with my granddaughter  Día de Los Muertos Altar Inspiración! Hello everyone. We wanted to show you our personal Día de Los Muertos family altar in my home. They are very easy to set up and a beautiful way to remember and honor our loved ones that have passed on. Thank you @rick_bayless For our family’s favorite Pan de Muerto recipe

“Cempohualxochitl” flowers [marigold], which aroma guided spirits to their homes, and Cacaloxóchitl flowers [alhelí], Copalli incense [aromatic resin], one Xīcalli, [hollowed gourd] of water, and one of salt, Fruit, a special kind of Tamalli   [masa wrapped in corn husks], and dishes of cooked meals with Nopales, Calabaza [Squash] and Tortillas that their ancestors liked to eat. There were no bonfires, just stories, prayers, and blessings for what they had.

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