Halloween Old Movies to Watch 2023.

Halloween  Movies

I have a confession to make, I never celebrated Halloween as a scary holiday, instead I tried to make it a time for honoring our ancestors, by talking about them, their stories, and how they influenced us to be a good, loving, and productive people. I can’t make myself to think of my grandmother’s spirit as a “ghost”.

The scariest movies I saw with my kids and that I have introduced to my grand kids as well, are classics from the 1950s. Why? Well, I cannot handle scary movies at all, and I did not want to traumatize them either. These movies are not so scary except for the Fall of the House of Usher, and The Fly, they are really scary, I would wait for the kids to be old enough to handle it. 

However, these movies serve another purpose. I often watch old classic movies with them because I want them to see the technology used to make these movies, sometimes the “classic” versions gives you more goosebumps than the modern versions of it. Try these movies if you like scary ones.

Not so Scary Movies

Books about Halloween Day Activities

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